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Austen Silva

Garden Valley, CA

Austen likes to go fast and is constantly redefining the limits of what is possible on a onewheel. He also rips on EUC, Surron and anything else he can get his hands on. 

2021 ORL Western Qualifier Champion

2021 Let It Ride Enduro Champion

2020 Dirtsurferz Enduro Runner Up



Dave Stewart

Stateline, NV

Dave can be found riding down mountains year round. 

2018 Race For The Rail Champion

2019 Race For The Rail Runner Up

2020 Race For The Rail Runner Up


Pro-skater pic
Pro-skater pic

Dom Williams

Asheville, NC

Go fast, no fall.

2019 Race For the Rail Champion

2019 Float Life Fest XR Race Champ

2019 Float Life Fest Dual Slalom Runner Up

2020 Dirtsurferz Redemption Enduro Champion



Neil Bennett

Roseville, CA

Neil has the smoothest trail riding style out there. He sends everything and stomps it. And good luck keeping up with him on the trail.

2021 ORL Central Regional Qualifier Champion 

Pro-skater pic
Pro-skater pic

Jamie Marchesano

South Lake Tahoe, CA

Jamie is always looking at features that no one else sees. Creative year round Tahoe shredder. 



Vinnie Lucido

Reno, NV

Vinnie is the first person we've seen ride a Onewheel™ on stilts and on his knees. One of the most creative riders on the trail. And Vinnie go fast!

Pro-skater pic