2% For Good

Do good things - 2% For Non Profits

Part of our mission at 4 Season Shred is to be a positive force in the world. To this end we pledge to perpetually donate at least 2% of all net profits to non profit organizations that we think are making a difference in the world and are aligned with the ideals and goals of our company and customers.   

Check out a few of the non profits we think are doing good things below.

TAMBA - Tahoe Area Mountain Biking Association

TAMBA is responsible for many of the world class mountain bike and mixed use trails in the Lake Tahoe region. They organize thousands of volunteer hours and donations to build and maintain amazing and sustainable trails in the area. TAMBA has pioneered first of it's kind trail build projects with the US Forest Service and as developed partnerships with various other land managers in the region. If you enjoy trail riding in the Lake Tahoe area this is an amazing organization that deserves your support. 


*Financial documents detailing annual contributions to 501c3 organizations will be made available here as they become available.